Adolescence is a transition phase characterized by a lot of changes- biological, emotional, cognitive and psychosocial. This stage could be confusing and overwhelming for the child who is trying to seek an identity of their own. It is a critical phase of life for the development of healthy coping strategies to approach life.

During the adolescence phase, youngsters go through an overwhelming process of having to make sense of experiences quickly, forming strong attitudes, coping with confusing bodily changes and trying to develop meaningful emotional bonds with others.

In addition to the struggles of identity crisis, they are also juggling expectations from family and society to succeed in what they do.

We find teenagers crumbling under immense pressure, feeling anxious or suicidal,  rebelling in different ways and displaying problematic behaviours that concern society at large.

It becomes a critical phase of life for developing healthy coping strategies to approach and go through the later stages of life. They need to be guided in building adaptive thinking processes, managing reactions to unpredictable and stressful situations, remaining positive and motivated towards life.

Adolescence Psychological Disorders:

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