Workshops for Corporates

We conduct workshops and training programs from employees and individuals at different levels of management. These programs aim at improving employee relations, communication skills and creating awareness on the importance of psychological wellbeing.


Stress Management

Stress in a workplace cannot be fully eliminated but necessary steps should be taken to manage stress among employees. By managing stress effectively, employees tend to be more positive and happy leading to a strong and healthy workplace culture. When employees work under optimal levels of stress, they are less likely to burn out. In a workplace where employees are not overly stressed, employee turnover becomes low and they are able to think more creatively. Managing stress also boosts confidence and creates an awareness of their strengths. Through workshops, the employees can learn different startegies like relaxation techniques to manage stressful situations in a productive and constructive way.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills like people skills, interpersonal skills, social skills, etc., are personality-based skills that help an employee’s growth in an organization. By learning soft skills, an organization can improve their customer service and management as they can listen and cater to their needs by having more compassion and empathy. Soft skills also help in increasing sales as they perfect the negotiation skills of employees. By attending workshops for soft skills, employees can master competencies like communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving, decision making, etc. It can also improve leadership skills, teamwork, time management, and critical thinking among employees.

Team Building

A positive work environment is one that focuses on collaboration and cooperation rather than competition. Such an environment not only helps employees but also leads to the organization’s success. Indulging in team building training increases motivation among employees and provides a positive work culture. It shows employees that the organization cares about them which results in better performance and productivity. Taking part in team building activities also enhances creativity and caters to problem-solving skills. It increases collaboration and communication among employees which can help in building trust. Team building workshops also help the employees identify their strengths and weaknesses and understand how they can utilize them to function better in a team.

Anti Sexual Harassment

In any organization, an important factor that prospective and existing employees look for is their safety. Anti sexual harassment training creates an awareness about the different kinds of conduct that are regarded as sexual harassment. It teaches them how to file a complaint and also encourages them to report any behavior that makes them feel uncomfortable. It sensitizes the employees about matters pertaining to sexual harassment and educates them on how to take proper action in such cases. Another important part of this is to teach the bystanders how to intervene if they ever witness such a case in their workplace. Anti sexual harassment workshops ensure employees about their own safety, interms of both not getting harassed or harrassing another employee, which increases their engagement in the workplace.

Conflict Management

Dealing with conflict at work can be stressful for employees irrespective of whether or not they are involved. A conflict can have a negative impact on employees’ productivity and teamwork, which can affect the organization as a whole. Having conflict resolution training can enable higher levels of engagement from employees as they feel encouraged to communicate freely and effectively. By doing this, they are also likely to succeed while working with others as a team. With lesser stress and exhaustion due to conflict, employees can devote more of their time and resources to their work, resulting in increased productivity. Another benefit of conflict management is that when others get to know about the positive work environment, the organization is more likely to attract talented prospective employees.

Personality Development

Personality development is one of the most important aspects of one’s personality. It helps people look at positive aspects of themselves and work on their strengths. Personality development has an important role in the workplace as it portrays the ways in which employees interact with each other and respond to situations. It also reduces stress among people and helps them in managing stressful situations. Personality development also helps in conflict management and teaches employees to work as a team. Attending a personality development workshop enables them to use their full potential for their and the organization’s benefit, and instills a positive attitude in the workplace.

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