Cognitive Behaviour


Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) was born out of the idea of introspection. It is centered around how people’s thoughts and beliefs influence their actions and moods. The aim of Cognitive behavioral approach is to change the faulty thinking processes that people have about themselves and others to more accurate perceptions. 

The client and the counsellor work as a team and address the client’s current issues. The approach involves providing a rationale behind responding a certain way, offering suggestions and teaching skills to maintain ones well being.

Ones self talk, an interaction with the inner speech cause certain cognitive structures and patterns that lead to a behavioural outcome. CBT looks at how to alter the negative conversations we have with ourselves into positive and healthy ones.

Certain triggering words, instances and situations may be looked at to see what patter of behaviour is being elicited and why. CBT looks at changing a cognitive pattern to bring about a different behavioural response.