Neurofeedback is a well-established, scientifically sound, clinical intervention based on EEG-based biofeedback. In neurofeedback, the individual is trained to enhance or reduce desired brain wave activity with the objective of altering the brain activity so as to alleviate their problems. 

Based on the principle of operant conditioning (where desired behaviour is rewarded so as to encourage it), neurofeedback involves the use of electroencephalography (EEG) technology to monitor subject’s brain activity in real-time, and thus provide consequent visual or auditory feedback when desired brain waves are obtained. It is based on a feedback loop and is a non-invasive form of therapy. 

The subject is trained to exert conscious control over his mental activity in order to achieve a pre-defined target. The pre-defined target is based on an EEG baseline assessment that is done to identify the required training protocol.

Neurofeedback therapy is a controlled, quantifiable technique of undergoing therapy to indirectly reduce symptoms, monitor progress levels / scores and improve overall well—being.

This training helps people in building and maintaining a state of mind that involves more self control, emotional regulation and cognitive enhancement.