Often, the elderly find themselves socially isolated from the world around and either partially or completely dependent on a caregiver to fulfill basic necessities. This, along with other age-related disorders, could cause a lot of stress and despondency. Aging is a fact of life and hence it is extremely important to focus on healthy aging strategies and methods. 

Old age is the  later part of human life. So care should be taken both physically and psychologically.  They may have different and special physical, mental and behavioral needs.

Mental health disorders including depression and anxiety are affecting an elderly’s ability to perform various physical tasks.

Depression is, unfortunately, a common occurrence among older adults. The fact that their activities and social interactions are more limited, and their nearest and dearest are often living far away, makes the adjustment to old age harder.

Thus, most elderly face problems with self-perception and self-concept. The emotional needs of elderly differ in their final stages of life.

Many older adults worry about their loss of dignity or loss of control as their physical abilities deteriorate.  It is common for them to feel fearful of becoming a burden to loved ones. Most older adults also have problems with cognitive function and speech perception as the years pass by.

Addressing these problems is important to alleviate emotional suffering and improve physical and mental health and promote a better quality of life. 

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