Worldwide, almost 20-25% of the youth population suffers from a mental health illness and/or substance use problem. The stigma attached to mental health too makes it hard for individuals to seek help. However, seeking help is beneficial not only for the individual but for their loved ones as well.

In adulthood, psychological issues can occur due to inherent personality characteristics, childhood conditions, dormant psychological issues which come to surface in an overbearing, stressful state.

Psychological problems may also creep in due to deep-rooted insecurities, unresolved relationship issues with close ones or chronic stress. Anxiety, both generalised and social, panic attacks, dissociative problems, psychogenic pains are some of the common problems we see adults facing.

Along with this, problems with a significant other can also create a lot of stress. We speacialise in relationship and marital counseling where both partners are spoken to to see how best to resolve the conflicts faced together. We also provide interpersonal therapy where the individual learns to make and sustain fulfilling relations with those around them. 

By understanding the root cause of an issue, every condition can be managed with the right approach. This approach is tailor made to suit the needs of the client to ensure they receive the best mental health care.

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