Identity Crisis


The crucial task of adolescence is to identify the self.  Adolescents have to identify a strong ground of awareness, values and principles with which they abide willingly.  In this stage everyone goes through an exploratory journey of relating to a value system which gives meaning to their identity.

Early years of life and the dynamics between personality and environment matters a lot in the establishment of the identity. What the adolescent chooses to imbibe in themselves  or leave depends on their family background, cultural value system, school structure and significant events in lives.

The search is based on the available resources and guidance. If they are not able to modify and synthesize themselves with the challenges from the environment, the adaptation process becomes difficult. The feeling of being lost can be overwhelming and perplexing for the adolescent.

There are chances of getting  distracted into unproductive and meaningless ways of comprehending the environment and themselves which has a long lasting affect on adulthood.