About Soham

We at Soham are a team with qualified specialists in the field of neuro and clinical psychology. We provide an array of assessments and therapies to help you in the best manner possible, ensuring long term care and attention.

Along with traditional methods, we also use the EEG and NFB for assessments and therapy, along with our sleep labs. The comfort, wellbeing and confidentiality of our clients is our utmost priority.


Our Focus

Personal Wellbeing

We work with individuals across age groups and conditions to improve their psychological wellbeing

Neurological Wellbeing

We work with individuals and caregivers who are living with neurological conditions

Corporate Wellbeing

We work with organisations and employees to improve their psychological wellbeing

Wellbeing at Schools

We collaborate with schools to ensure the psychological wellbeing of their students, teachers and parents

Why Consider Therapy

Most people go through life with the help and support of their friends, family and loved ones. However, sometimes this may not be enough and an objective, third party view can help shed a different perspective on events. Psychologists are equipped with clinical skills and professional training to help people cope with mental health problems and life issues.

Therapy can help you improve your mental health, make you more resilient and give you healthy ways of coping with the stress of life.

Psychologists can help you enhance your performance too. They can help improve your working memory, concentration and various other attributes.

Therapy is beneficial not only for people suffering with a mental health issue but also for care givers, family members and those who would like to improve their well being. Just as exercise is important for the body, therapy is helpful for the mind.  


Why Work With Us?


Excellent team of psychologists

We have a comprehensive review process for every client – you are looked after by a team and not just an individual. Our team has professionals with years of experience, ensuring you receive the best intervention required


World class laboratories

We have facilities of EEG, BFT, NFB and sleep labs top provide a unique and holistic care plan


Research and evidence based therapy

Out team is constantly looking at newer and more efficent ways to help our clients. All the work we do is driven by clinical data


Pet therapy

With our traditional forms of therapy, we also engage in pet and play therapy 



We have stringent data quality and security measures in place to protect our clients confidentiality

Your Mental Health Is Our Priority

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