Alzheimer’s Dementia


Alzheimer’s Dementia is one of the most common types of dementia. The key problem is memory loss. The origin of the disease is malfunction and disruption in working of brain proteins causing neuronal loss and brain atrophy.

The most prominent symptom is  forgetting recent events or conversations. Other cognitive functions such as orientation, visuo spatial functioning, thinking and reasoning, decision making and judgement also declines.

The individual starts struggling in basic day to day activities like misplacing possessions, getting disoriented at a market place, not able to multitask, forgetting what next has to be done, losing track of time, false remembrance of recent events etc.

In later stages speech also gets affected as semantic and pragmatic level of processing deteriorates. Personality change is also a marked change in the individual which affects relationships and handling of the person.

Depression, apathy, social withdrawal, mood swings, suspiciousness, wandering, loss of inhibitions, reactions to irrational beliefs are few of the personality changes in the course of illness which is difficult for family members to accept and manage.