Mobile and Internet



In the present era when everything around us is being taken care of by one click or a button press it is obvious to be dependent on it for all the needs and wants. A distraction from monotony or anything unpleasant has become very easily accessible with a variety of applications to play, watch videos and chat with strangers.

In the short term it gives an escape from reality and a sense of wellbeing. However, when one has to come back to the reality it is even more distressing and the denial sets in even more, creating an inner conflict. In this age this problem can take a severe shape and hinder healthy acceptance and adaptation with the environment.

Mobile and internet accessibility facilitates immediate information about any topic which makes our life very convenient. At the same time, it has negative implications as well such as a tendency to be dependent on immediate solutions, not focus on one topic in detail, resulting in a gain of knowledge at a very superficial level and high chances of forgetting it in a short span of time.