Brain Function



Brain Function Therapy (BFT) is a computerised cognitive retraining program that helps the brain enhance available cognitive resources.

Traumatic brain injuries, stroke, neurodegenerative disorders and other psychological disorders not only possess an emotional consequence but also a cognitive one. Cognitive functions such as attention, memory, speed of processing, executive functions, language and visuo-spatial abilities can be altered due to anything from depression to trauma to the simplest of stress. Once cognition is compromised the daily functioning of an individual and their quality of life along with that of their family reduces drastically.

However, our brains have the ability  to change and with enough training and practice, one can improve their functioning. BFT works to strengthen the brain muscles and the connectivity to enhance cognitive confidence and functioning. It is paced at the clients convenience and can track their progress. It can also be administered in language the client is comfortable with. 

Along with clients who suffer from a neurological problem, BFT has also been successfully used with people who are battling psychological issues such as anxiety and depression. It has also shown positive results with children with hyperactivity. It has also been used on a non-clinical population to improve memory and other cognitive aspects.

Thus, BFT is a comprehensive way of improving cognitive functioning.