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Conditions We Work With


Emotional wellbeing of a child is equally important as physical wellbeing. Good and sound mental health in children allows them to cope with the stress that life throws at them later on and build healthy relationships with people around them. 


Almost 20-25% of the youth population suffer from mental and substance use disorders worldwide. The stigma attached to mental health too makes it hard for individuals to seek help. However, seeking help is beneficial not only for the individual but for their loved ones as well.



Adolescence is a transition phase characterized by a lot of changes- biological, emotional, cognitive and psychosocial. This stage could be confusing and overwhelming for the child who is trying to seek an identity of their own. It is a critical phase of life for the development of healthy coping strategies to approach life.


Often, the elderly find themselves socially isolated from the world around and either partially or completely dependent on a caregiver to fulfill basic necessities. This, along with other age-related disorders, could cause a lot of stress and despondency. Aging is a fact of life and hence it is extremely important to focus on healthy aging strategies and methods. 

We also Work With Various Neurological



Psychological Assessments

A set of testing procedures that use a combination of various techniques to help you arrive at hypotheses about an individual’s behavior, personality, and other capabilities. These tests and assessments help a psychologist understand the underlying nature of the problem and to figure out the best way to address it.

Brain Function Therapy

Is a computerised cognitive retraining which helps an individual with a brain injury enhance his or her ability to move through daily life by recovering or compensating for damaged cognitive functions.


 Psychotherapy is an intervention to help people with psychological problems and emotional difficulties to function better and improve their well-being. It can also be used in combination with other medication and therapy strategies. 

World Class Labs

Our EEG, NFB and sleep labs help us provide an overall, holistic service to ensure your well being. 

Common Disorders


ADHD/ADD is the most commonly diagnosed mental health problem in children.


A neurodevelopmental disorder that causes social, communication and behavioral changes. 


Learn more about the symptoms and treatments of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).of the brain affect cognitive functions and behaviors.

Adjustment Disorders

Being well adjusted to the situations  we live in is extremely important as it helps us become contributing members of society.

Bipolar Disorder

Mania? Depression? The symptoms and treatments of bipolar disorder demystified.

Personality Disorders

Explore what makes you unique through your personality. Also covers personality disorders.


Anxiety disorders, such as phobias and panic attacks, are the most common type of mental disorders.


Clinical depression is more than just the occasional blues. Our complete guide to depression can help.


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is characterized by flashbacks over a traumatic event.

Psychologists You Can


Soham Neuro Development Centre

Our certified Clinical Psychologists will help you get through the toughest of events. We believe in Positive personal growth and Integrated Development.

Our comprehensive Neuropsychology assessments and batteries help map a detailed view of cognitive, psychological, behavioural and emotional states.

We offer comprehensive therapies for various conditions aimed at addressing and improving psychological well-being through interventions that do not need medication.

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  • Monday – Friday :  10.00 AM To 7.00 PM
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