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Personal and Corporate Mental Health Programs

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Personal Wellbeing

We take care of your psychological wellbeing including Counselling, Assessments and Therapy

Wellbeing at School

Programs curated for the psychological wellbeing of students and parents. IQ / EQ / SQ Assessments, Counselling, Workshops and Therapy. We also have capacity building programs for teachers

Corporate Wellbeing

Programs curated for the psychological wellbeing of employees at all levels in the form of Counselling, Assessments, Helplines and Workshops

Our Services

We Specialise in Working With Individuals With Various Neurological Problems Alongside Their Family Members

Emergency Help

Depression related conditions, Suicide prevention assistance


Emotional wellbeing of a child is equally important as their physical wellbeing. It is at this stage of life that they learn to form bonds with people around them. These relationships then form the basis of subsequent relations they have later in life. Maladaptive relations here can cause problems with future relations (eg. problems with people in authority, the inability to trust their partners). A common problem we see children facing is also sibling rivalry, creating a problem for them as well as their parents.


Almost 20-25% of the youth population suffer from mental and substance use disorders worldwide. The stigma attached to mental health too makes it hard for individuals to seek help. However, seeking help is beneficial not only for the individual but for their loved ones as well.

Relationships and Workplace issues

We have a special focus on relationships and issues related to workplaces.


Adolescence is a transition phase characterised by a lot of changes- biological, emotional, cognitive and psychosocial. This stage could be confusing and overwhelming for the child who is trying to seek an identity of their own. It is a critical phase of life for the development of healthy coping strategies to approach life.


Often, the elderly find themselves socially isolated from the world around and either partially or completely dependent on a caregiver to fulfill basic necessities. This, along with other age-related disorders, could cause a lot of stress and despondency. Aging is a fact of life and hence it is extremely important to focus on healthy aging strategies and methods.

Expert Psychologists.
Professional Care.

We offer a unique  Psychological program as every assessment and therapy is managed by an internal panel of experts to ensure there is no gap in our treatment and approach, ensuring you get the best care.

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