Emotional wellbeing of a child is equally important as their physical wellbeing. It is at this stage of life that they learn to form bonds with people around them. These relationships then form the basis of subsequent relations they have later in life. Maladaptive relations here can cause problems with future relations (eg. problems with people in authority, the inability to trust their partners). A common problem we see children facing is also sibling rivalry, creating a problem for them as well as their parents.

Thus, good and sound mental health in children allows them to build healthy and constructive coping strategies for the stress that life will throw at them later.

Crucial physical, mental, emotional growth and development happens in the early stages of life. An enriched environment stimulates the brain and mind, making it more efficient and receptive.

Therefore, any kind of underlying developmental delay or learning difficulty could negatively impact the sense of self of the child. We conduct assessments to see the intensity of the problem. We also engage with providing assessments to see if the child is on the autism spectrum, if adviced so by a doctor.

From achieving developmental milestones to unhealthy observational learnings, to attachment or addiction patterns, there are many factors that threaten the positive growth and development of the child.

We at Soham work not only with the child but also their parents and teachers to see how to create a condusive enviroment where the child learns to express themselves in a constructive manner to ensure the child gets the best care at home and school.

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