Dissociative disorders are psychiatric illnesses characterized by a loss of connection and continuity between emotions, memories, surroundings, behavior and identity. Dissociative conditions cause difficulties in daily life because people, due to their fear, will avoid their reality in uncontrollable and unhealthy ways.

Dissociative disorders are a type of psychosis that develop in response to trauma and aid in the eradication of painful memories. The type of dissociative condition you have influences your symptoms, which can range from amnesia to alternative identities. Stress can intensify symptoms and make them more noticeable and obvious for a brief period of time. 

A mental health professional can help you recover from these problems. Psychotherapy is commonly used in treatment. Therapy can assist people in gaining control over their dissociative symptoms and process. The aim of therapy is to assist in the integration of various facets of one’s identity. Since it includes recalling and dealing with past traumatic events, therapy can be intense and challenging.