Psychogenic Pain

Psychogenic pain is a form of pain that is caused by psychological factors and has no physiological basis. However, the pain resembles that of a physiological problem and causes the same amount of distress in the individual. This pain may be triggered, intensified or sustained by certain psychological or emotional problems. An individual suffering from psychogenic pain can experience pain that is unrelated to their symptoms. Commonly seen psychogenic pains include headaches, muscle pains, back pain and stomach pain.

Psychogenic pain has the potential to negatively impact ones quality of life and fitness. For instance, people who suffer from psychogenic pain may be unable to perform their daily tasks due to their distress. This could leave them unable to get out of bed, absentesim from school or work and cause a decreased ability to engage in previously enjoyed activities.

Due to the nature of this pain, people often consult with medical practitioners in an attempt to find a solution to their pain. Only after all other sources of pain have been ruled out is psychogenic pain diagnosed. Psychogenic pain can lead to pain medication misuse and dependency on other subtsances used to reduce the pain.

While medication can help control the pain it is not a long term solution. Through therapy the individual can understand the root cause of the pain and take steps to stop it from recurring.