Shadow Teacher


Schools form the foundation of a childs life. Therefore, it is essential that the child is able to thrive in this environments. Most of how a child behaves comes from responses seen either at home or ar school. Thus, it is imperitive to understand the school environment to see what is triggering the childs behaviour.

Children with special needs face many challenges in an inclusive school setting as they may not perform like other children in academics and in other skills (for example: communication skills, understanding the play rules, attention, motivation, confidence, sitting tolerance etc.).

In the classroom teachers find it difficult to manage and to give singular attention to the special child along with the other children in the class. This is where a shadow teacher plays a crucial role in the holistic development of the child, especially in helping them cope and adapt to their environment.

Shadow teachers equip the child to do their daily activities in school such as to copy notes, understand the teaching in class, performing class work, engaging in extracurricular activities amongst others.

In this way they make sure that the child is keeping up with their peers. Training of shadow teacher and giving them psychological management techniques makes them more equipped to manage the child and contribute in their development.